“He who scrawls on shithouse walls,

rolls his shit in little balls,

and they that read these lines of wit,

eat these little balls of shit.”

Author unknown, but like Kilroy he certainly got around.

I’m quite fond of analogy and the above quote

reminds me that many politicians speak nothing

but shit, and too many of us who listen to it

fucking eat it up.



“The pebble drops in the source water of the shallow

stream. Its course is deflected. It goes down this valley

instead of that; it meets streams from these mountains

instead of those; in a now unavoidable compulsion the

creek must eat its way through sand and thorny areas

and never know the rich verdure a few miles away.

A certain sort of river, composed of certain elements,

arriving by a certain route, flows at last into the eternity of the sea.

It is all one to the sea, but who can say that it is a matter of indifference to the river?”

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Profound words, when I read them the thought came

to mind that perhaps they help in explaining me to myself. Do they speak to you out there?, I would not

be surprised.       Islander.